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What are the system requirements?
You’ll need an iPhone 5 or later, running iOS 8.3 or higher with Bluetooth enabled. An iPod (5th or 6th generation) or iPad (3rd or 4th generation) running iOS 8.3+ will also work, although the aspect ratio on an iPad might be slightly off. Our Androi...
How will firmware updates be rolled out?
When an update is available, you’ll be prompted to update your firmware through the app at login after the Module has been paired. Please follow the instructions that appear in the app. If a small update is being rolled out, you'll be able to continue int...
Where can I download the app?
Please visit the iTunes Store on your Apple device and search for Thync.
Will there be a Thync app for Windows?
We currently have no plans to release a Thync app for Windows mobile devices.
What does the Thync App do?
The app is the control center where you can set up Vibes and access other options. The app communicates with your Module via Bluetooth connection. Check out our products page for a closer look.
How does Thync differ from other products that are on the market now?
Many of the current products on the market are intended to treat specific diseases, using wet sponge electrodes soaked in salt water to transmit waveforms. Thync is a recreational product that may be used as needed, without a prescription. We’ve designed ...
Who shouldn’t use Thync?
Do not use Thync on animals, while pregnant, if under the age of 18, or on someone who can not consent to use. If you have a medical device implanted in your body, such as a cochlear implant or pacemaker, or have a metal plate in bone, you shouldn’t use T...
Where are Thync Systems manufactured?
Our products are proudly engineered, designed, and manufactured in Silicon Valley, California.
How much does the product cost?
The Thync Kit includes the Module, a USB charging cord, 5 Energy Strips, 5 Calm Strips, and a user guide. It’s currently priced at $199. Taxes will based on shipping zip code. You can learn more about orders and shipping on our products page.
Can I use this to treat physical or mental ailments?
Thync technology is designed to enhance the daily lives of users by enhancing their mental states, and has been developed solely for lifestyle applications. It’s intended for healthy adult consumers, and not to diagnose or treat any disease or medical dis...
Is Thync safe to use?
Yes, our Vibes are designed to be completely painless. Some users may experience discomfort from using the Thync Module at too high a level, or from improper placement. However, this will be minimal. To avoid discomfort, be sure to only run Vibes at inten...
Why was Thync founded?
We believe that neuroscience can have an enormously positive impact on our everyday lives. Our founders started Thync because they wanted to create a device that blends science, wearable technology, and groundbreaking design to help people achieve their g...
What are Thync Strips?
Thync Strips are designed to deliver vibes from the Module to you. They feature flexible printed electronics, medical-grade adhesive, skin-friendly conductive hydrogel, and gold-plated snaps for optimal connection. They have no wires or pins – just snap t...
Can Strips be washed or recycled?
We don’t recommend washing the Strips, as the eco-friendly water-soluble adhesive dissolves in water. Save your Strips! You can mail back used Strips to Thync headquarters: 140 W. Main St. Los Gatos, CA 95030. From there we’ll work with our partner TerraC...
Can I use a Strip more than once?
We recommend that you use only one Strip per Vibing session. While you can run multiple Vibes in a session, each Strip is only guaranteed for a single session use. We also recommend that sessions last no longer than one hour per day.
How do I store Strips?
You can store your Strips in the pouch until the recommended use-by date. Be sure to store them in a dry room-temperature location out of direct light.
Can I make my own Strips?
No. Our Strips are highly designed, guaranteed, and quality-checked. Third-party or homemade Strips may put you at risk of injury or discomfort. For your safety, please use a new Strip provided by Thync for each Vibe session.
What is a Vibe, and what does it do?
Your brain has the inherent ability to shift to a calm or energized state. Thync offers a non-invasive, substance-free way to achieve this without ingesting coffee, energy drinks, alcohol or medications. While the effects from caffeine or alcohol are limi...
Will there be a software development kit (SDK)?
Right now we have no plans for releasing a SDK. We'll be sure to make an announcement if that changes.
What is the Thync Limited Edition?
Thync launched with the Thync Limited Edition in June 2015. As a result of the tremendous reception we received from the press, and high demand, we quickly sold out of the Limited Edition. With the increased manufacturing volumes, we were able to accelera...
What is a Module, and what does it do?
The Module is a small device that’s been uniquely designed to be worn on your head for 5-20 minutes at a time to deliver neurosignaling waveforms. It’s controlled by an app on your mobile device, which lets you shift your state of mind on demand to either...
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