Support Center
Can’t get a good fit with your Module?
We’d love to help you get the best possible Vibe experience. Give us a shout at (408) 484-4808. We're in the office Monday to Friday from 8am–5pm PT. You can also email us anytime at
Can't sync your Module with your mobile device?
We recommend the following steps if your Module isn’t syncing: Force close the app and restart your Module. Turn off the Bluetooth on your mobile device and wait a few seconds. Turn Bluetooth back on and try to pair your Module to your mobile device again...
Your Module's LED is solid red and the app reads “Hardware Malfunction”?
Please stop using your Module and contact our Customer Care Team directly at so we can resolve this issue.
Don't have enough power in your Module to complete a Vibe Session?
If a Module doesn't have enough power to complete a Vibe, the app will display a message asking you to charge your Module. You may not run a Vibe while charging your Module.The Module can run about 1 hour worth of Vibes with a full charge.
Your Module has broken open?
Contact our Customer Care Team to resolve this issue. Please note that opening your Module voids your warranty.
Your Module is unresponsive?
If your Module is completely unresponsive, you may need to reset it. Simply hold down the power button for 8 seconds, then turn it back on.
Can't login to your account?
Ensure that you’re connected to the Internet and that you’re using the correct email address and login credentials that you used to set up your account. If this doesn’t work, please go through the Forgot Password directions or reach out to our Customer Ca...
Only see one login portal option on the app?
You might have recently run the app while your mobile device was offline, and that login portal was the option selected last. If you want to select a different login, connect your mobile device to the Internet (e.g. Wi-Fi). You might need to restart the a...
Need to get in touch with a human?
We’re here for you! You can contact our team at (408) 484-4808. We're in the office Monday to Friday from 8am–5pm PT You can also email us anytime at
Can’t create an account?
If an account already exists with your contact information, please go through the Forgot Password directions. Otherwise, make sure that you're online and using a password with 6 or more characters.
App stopped running a Vibe while you were taking a call or using another app?
Just like other mobile apps, your Vibing experience can be disrupted if you have too many apps running, even in the background. Free up your phone by closing other apps, then start the Vibe again.
Need to uninstall the app?
Follow the normal instructions to uninstall an app on your mobile operating system.
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