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Has Thync been proven to help with stress?
Chronic stress is more than just a bad mood. It’s a global health problem, with wide-ranging effects on everything from our immune systems to our brains. In a recent article in the journal Scientific Reports (from the publishers of Nature), several Thync scientists worked with a team of other researchers to investigate whether our technology can help reduce stress. What we discovered might surprise you. Thync technology works by stimulating the peripheral nerves of your body, rather than the brain itself. These high-frequency pulsed currents, which we call “Vibes,” effectively shift the mood of the user, reducing stress and anxiety. In this peer-reviewed study – one of our largest to date, including three separate experiments and sham (placebo) groups – we found that Thync Vibes were highly effective! In short, the team concluded that Thync represents a promising approach to managing daily stress. The study is available from Nature’s website (take a deep breath): “Transdermal neuromodulation of noradrenergic activity suppresses psychophysiological and biochemical stress responses in humans.” If you have a few minutes, we encourage you to take a look at the results.
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