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Letter from the CEO
May 2016,
Dear Thync Supporters,
I am proud to announce Thync emerged from a difficult funding cycle with great resilience and momentum.  To reach this new course we painfully reduced our Thync team and then garnered investor support to continue to create the best neurosignaling technologies for consumers.  
We are committed to the vision that wearables will give us more access to our minds and bodies and that we can be at our best without pills or drinks.  
One day we will all relax, energize, focus, access our self-control, and let go when we wish by using neuroscience and not substances.
Pioneering this new frontier has not been easy but we are resilient, battle-tested, and here for the long haul.
We are on an exciting path and are grateful for the second opportunity we have created – we certainly won’t take it for granted.
Stay tuned for great innovation from Thync. 
Isy Goldwasser
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